Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cliffs at Petrel's

Not a long walk, I seem to be aching again and my repaired knee not liking me much. Over to see what had come out of the boxes that had been packed up from my mothers 2nd to last move. Rather nice to see some familiar bits of crockery. not seen for I am not sure how many years. I think I am feeling rather depressed about it all but I suppose I may get over it. It has rained off and on all day and instead of cleaning out more cupboards I am reading and falling asleep. Then I feel really naughty and feel I should be working hard. tomorrow!!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Interes ting about coming across bits of crockery you remember from the past. I am packingup to move and each time I think of dumping something my son says I must keep it as he remembers it from his childhood.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

If I am lucky, I will continue to live in my home until I die, then I can let my kids worry about what they will keep or not. I still have a few things from their youth put up on high shelves that surround the dining room. Every now and then I mention them to the boys to keep memories alive of how much fun we had when they were small.

My SIL almost raised her grandsons and they don't remember so many things. I CAN't let that happen to MY boys, lol.

Everytime you share pics of your wonderful shore I think how much it looks like a dream place to live.

Don't feel guilty about taking a day or three to relax from packing.
xx, Carol