Monday, July 17, 2017

Around the garden yesterday

To day it is freezing cold, we have had a thunderstorm very heavy rain and strong winds. I am glad I took these photos yesterday morning, the afternoon wasnt very nice either. I have my new glasses, better but have to really peer at the computer screen. We did have a quick walk and just made it to the car before a very heavy rain storm came across. I love the cootamundra wattle when it is out, it always used to mean we were off to the snow skiing, long past I am afraid but the thought is there. The winter cheer red hot pokers and the big aloe bring a bit of colour to a rather dreary landscape and of course the jonquils are out. Just had a huge but short thunder storm, overflowing gutters again. I am inside packing up things off the walls, textile stuff. Rather tiring work but it is a start. Over to see wee Lachlan this morning, dropping off the sewing machine for G and Mason and Millie were there with Celina, they were playing cards! Lachie was not happy on the floor but smiled and gurgled when picked up. He is a fat gorgeous little boy. So all in all quite a good day, if you dont have to go outside.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Love the pics from your garden. I always enjoy seeing the plants that grow other places in the world. We have a few months before our weather turns blustery...I CAN WAIT!! Glad you can see a little better now. Is this as good as it will be now?
xx, CArol