Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yesterday cliffs today the beach

Yesterday we walked the cliffs towards Depp's beach from the Kings beach car park. Early and cold but no one around and the water an incredible colour. sheep and sky from the path and the lovely cottage on the far hill. A lovely walk but my repaired knee is playing up and I was so tired by the time I got home. This morning we walked back towards the mouth of the Inman River, we had noticed the council working there yesterday and had a suspicion they were trying to re route the water flow to the mouth as there had been a lot of erosion along the for dune where it had decided to go. I am not sure how long the river will decide to comply, water has a mind of its own. Huge banks of sea weed had been moved too so it was only a short walk. My knee is still playing up. Saw a report in the paper the other day that doctors had decided that the weather plays no role in arthritic pain. I have news for them. Today I am doing some washing, and yesterday too, the sheets were dry yesterday but not so sure of the towels today, it is windy but could rain any time. I am still trying to sort through 'stuff' what a job I think I make more mess than ever. Well back to my work room.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

All my married life I wished Terry would walk with me. I'm telling you, even when we were young if we were going down the road to visit friends not more than a block away he would drive. Now that he is unable to walk for very long, we walk from parking lots to stores always parking close to the door. It's a compromise of sorts.
xx, Carol