Thursday, July 06, 2017

Interesting clouds

Mid winter, cold and damp, the clouds have been really interesting. we have had lovely sunny bits of the day and then very heavy sharp showers. We did a small walk this morning, there is so much sea weed washed up along the beaches it is very often not worth trying to walk along them. George scratched me a few days ago, he didnt mean to he got a fright and leapt off my lap in a hurry, it seems to have got a bit infected and was rubbing on my pants so although we could have done a longer one it seemed prudent to go home. I have been reading and doing some embroidery by the fire. Lazy, but I have no where to put stuff I am tidying up at the moment. Trying to read what I have typed is still almost impossible, I just hope I can get my new glasses soon. I see my optomotrist tomorrow.


Robin Mac said...

Certainly does not look hot in the photos, so sitting in front of the fire sounds pretty good.

viji said...

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