Monday, July 31, 2017

Morning walk

Feeling tired, lots of rain and a bit of sun and its cold. Had a not terribly satisfactory meeting yesterday. Really not sure I like some people who like to be dictators. Any way it is over and I may never go to another AGM again. My ability to see the best in people has been dislodged. It waws a very cold walk, and fairly breif this morning, the Inman River mouth was re aligned by the council, I think it is doing its own thing again. There was a lovely big egret on the bank. I think this cold weather is annoying my joints. I have made a casserole for dinner, nice to have something I just have to slow cook and then eat. We are now over our average for rain for July, infact I think we are now over our average for the year. Two very dry months, May and June were a bit of a worry but now things are getting decidedly squishy underfoot. I should have been packing up stuff, instead I searched for some fabric that I must have packed. Oh dear. I think I will go and read a book. I found a Kay Scarpetta novel I hadnt packed up to sell and it is a while since I read it. Should keep me amused. Oh and my football team, the Crows after a bad start yesterday, they should have been much better, finally on the bell managed to have a draw. Better than losing.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

i could root for a team called the Crows. Crows are one of my very favorite birds. I always thought that if I opened a shop I would call it Three Crows in honor of the three that frequently visit me.

Yes, the weather certainly does effect our body and our mood. I'm with you. When it's cold I turn to casseroles. I don't get along well with groups of women. I have always found men subjects more interesting. I doubt I'd do well in group of ladies on a regular basis. I like democracy and not dictators. lol.

We're hot here in Northern Indiana USA at least for the next few days...then 2 days rain...then cooler. Terry cut down some plants without consulting me so I'm staying inside when I HAD planned to be gardening. Lost my interest today. He's such a bugger.
xx, Carol