Thursday, July 20, 2017

Exciting day, we saw a whale

Some where in the first photo, about in the centre if you double click to enlarge you should see a black blob which is a whale. we wa;led the cliffs at Petrel's Cove this morning, not really thinking of whales although there have been a lot about, they come back to calve about now but they have been a bit further along the coast and not here, so a lovely surprise. Not that it was doing much, a few dolphins with it, a few blows and every so often a tail or a head. My little camera doesnt have the capacity to get close enough and it was a bit of a point and shoot and hope you got something. It was a lovely walk, after all the rain things are greening up. Some areas where there were some slips last year are showing a bit more activity. Home and I am doing some house work, a bit of sun is out at last. I have sent off my money for next years Grampians Texture classes, I look forward to my week end away, could well be my last, the bank is getting rather nasty and with only a buyer that would cover what we owe them and nothing left over it is all rather scary and depressing. I slowly pack things up and try not to think about it too much. The knitting I have been doing is not satisfying me at all.


Countryside Tales said...

Sorry to hear about your worries. Seeing the whale must have been a very special experience. I've never seen one or dolphins either, or seals!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I hope the potential buyer is not taking advantage of your situation. Sometimes solving one worry creates a new one. I am not a person that believes in leaving your fate in the hands of God. My hope for you is that you can resolve your housing issue and find peace. In the mean time keep packing. There will be a resolution one way or another and it does no good to worry.
xx, Carol