Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday morning doings

I went in to the farmers market early this morning, if I dont get in reasonably early a lot of the vegetables have gone. I also did my day 14 of my daily stitch early as I had a fair idea of what I wanted to do, finish off filling around the flower I did yesterday. Then we headed over to Pt Elliot and walked down the steps and around towards the surf club. I was surprised at how big a sea was running, and quite a strong breeze. It is nice to go somewhere a bit different. A tiny bit of rain, probably not enough to measure, and it has been pleasantly cool all day. Thank goodness as I had a dreadful night with hot and aching feet. I know my feet swell in the summer but I have a horrible suspicion that this maybe to do with my diabetes. Something else to ask my GP next time I see him. I have more or less finished the baby blanket, I just have to put the backing on, once I have cut it to size that shouldnt take too long. I have 6 days to finish it, although I probably wont see him until a day after he is born, I think it takes time and she will be a bit shaky after a caesarean.

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