Monday, January 09, 2017

More stitching and a walk

Here is my day 8 , no it must be day 9 of my stitch a day.Added a bit around the flower, testerday I did the green stalk and leaves. I am loving this. today I added the elephants to the baby blanket, they look a bit wrinkled but then elephants are, wrinkled that its. I am in a bit of a quandry as I dont know wether to put something in the four corners, usually I do, I could put smaller elephants and some flowers I suppose, or perhaps a bow and some flowers, or a tiny circle of flowers. I havent much time and it is so hot trying to do it, Any ideas?? We had a walk this morning, ducks a dabbling in the sea and overcast, no rain for us and we were really early so not many people around, it was pleasantly cool then but the sun has come out and it was quite hot as I hung the clothes on the line. I caught Poirot, the belgium bantam this morning and he is in a coop for a few days, with his feathered feet he even walks a bit like Poirot. Slowly getting a few things done, like ironing and putting clothes away. John picked some plums from the orchard and is now stewing them so we can have them for breakfast with our yoghurt. Nice to have stuff from the garden, I am just pleased that there has been so many flowers on the gum trees that the parrots have left us alone, although the crows keep a pretty good eye on the fruit trees too.

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