Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beach walk this morning, heating up again.

We were early this morning but by the time I had been to the market and we got down to the beach it was warming up. I was glad to walk back up on the bike path where there is some shade. We finally caught the little red Belgium Bantam and she is on her own until she grows a bit more. I try to do as much as I can inside while it is hot, I have been doing work on my scrap books. I do have several, things I see on the net and print off incase I want to use them sometime, or just having the fun of looking at some lovely pictures. some embroidery done, but I try to do that at night when it is cooler. My face book page has been hacked again, I have to wait for my daughter to come and see what silly thing I have done this time. FB is all very well but I am really not terribly savvy when it comes to seeing where I have gone wrong.

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