Sunday, January 29, 2017

Goolwa wharf this morning

We went over to Goolwa earlyish this morning, I needed some fresh chilli's and there is a lovely man there who has them, we were a bit early to go and look at the galleries so a wander down to the wharf abd then up to see 2 quite different and interesting exhibitions. always worth going over to see what is on. It was getting hotter and I was glad we were home around 11 ish. It is now most uncomfortable in the house, hot and sticky and the evaporative air con doesnt do hot and sticky very well. In case you are wondering the odd photo is of the local paddle steamers wheel below the water line. I couldnt get a very good photo of the rest of it. This is the Oscar W. I dont work well in this weather.Oh for autumn, but we have at least 2 months of hot weather before that happens.

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