Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lovely cool walk this morning/

Much cooler today, and a very low tide so we walked the cliffs at Petrel's. After being to see the eye specialist yesterday my eyes are a bit wonky, I am now on a list to have the cataract off, a tiny bit of a worry as my left eye sees very little after having had a hole in the macular (does it have an r or not?) I hsve some peripheral sight but not a huge amount and I know there are risks having a cataract removed but I dont think I have many options and if I can see to thread a needle again that will be great. So a lovely walk on a cool morning, I did hear the weather bureau fellow say this morning that the changes we are having are more like fast spring ones than summer ones. I am just happy not to have too much heat and humidity. There was a huge flock of galahs and sea gulls on the paddock feeding I presume on the left overs from the crop, Just missed the best part as they flew up as we went past. Have managed to finish the binding on the cot blanket, ran out of cotton thread yesterday so bought more to pull out the tacking thread. I suppose I should sign it too.

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