Monday, January 02, 2017

A stitch a day and morning walk

I have joined up with a group doing a stitch a day, here are my first two stitches for the year. I dont usually use a hoop but will see how I go. The backing material is some thing old I was given, I dont quite know if it was a guest towel or a table runner and I wasnt sure how it would go but seems ok at the moment. I dont know how I will go but a stitch every day doesnt seem like a lot. We walked this morning, it has been very odd weather, overcast and a bit of drizzle, cooler today down here than it has been. There was a wind surfer, you can see if you double click and enlarge the photo. Lots of ducks in the sea, I really didnt know ducks went into the sea until I saw some last year, silly as I know that they go into the sea in Japan but it is unusual to see them here, but there were quite a few this morning. I have been trying to get some tidying up done, I have just been sneezing my head off, sorting out, and throwing out old make up etc. I dont know why I held onto so much stuff I havent used. John picked some beetroot, I am now waiting for it to cool so I can use it. I am very slowly getting things done, very slowly is the operative word. Still have to make a cover for my daily diary but did manage to finally finish my colour me positive 52 weeks of journaling. I cant say that they were very inspiring as towards the end I tended to do them just because I wanted to finish. I have also sorted out the baby blanket I am embroidering for one great grand child, I know that is a boy but dont know the sex of the other to be born in June. I guess I will just have to start a blanket and then finish it when I know if its a boy or girl, and knit for it in white. Not that I think I will be knitting for a while as its still quite muggy, not knitting weather but a June baby will need booties and jackets. Will have to go through my old patterns again. John is planting sweetcorn, a bit late and I hope the peacocks dont get in and walk all over them when they come up. Every thing is growing madly in the garden after the rain and warmth.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh for a bit of warmth here - it has been sunny but on freezing all day.