Sunday, January 15, 2017

Around the garden and day 15 of stitch.

John went fishing today, and came home with fish, thank goodness, they haven't had much luck lately, so pleased. I stayed home and made a huge pan of ratatouille as we had lots of zucchini and all the other ingredients. Now in the freezer, so useful in winter with chops. So a wander around the garden to see what was happening, we had about 12 mm of rain the other day and although it a bit of a mess there are some quite nice things happening. I spent most of the afternoon getting the backing onto the baby blanket and I have now tacked it in place. I'm almost there. Of course I was going to do lots more but somehow it didn't happen.


Robin Mac said...

Lovely photos of the garden Penny, your stitch a day piece is looking good too. I hope the new baby's birth goes without a hitch. I think your weather sounds a bit better than ours at present - the humidity here is dreadful and the storms seem to go round us most of the time! Cheers.

Penny said...

Beautiful days you're having. I love your stitching -- it looks like your garden.