Friday, January 13, 2017

Morning rain and some bits of stitch

We had about 12 mm of rain this morning, very quiet and steady, not as much as some but enough to fill the tanks and keep the garden happy. Now the sun is out again and it is quite hot. My day 13 of my daily stitch has been done, just another flower outline. I have also finally got Rob the deer up on the wall. As John put him up he quietly said that he had always wanted a mounted head but this one was better. January is getting busy in and around our town. The big Rotary Art show begins this evening, we will go in in the next day or so, then next week we have a finish in the town for the big cycle race, The tour down under which is always fun. I think they go past the end of the valley so we will probably go and watch them flash past. Summer, with all the things that happen is here.

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