Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Another glorious walk along the cliffs this morning

We met two cyclists and a couple of walkers, one with a dog. I walk slowly these days so I get over takebn easily but at least I am walking. I had to laugh as Sarah had a run in with neighbours, who we dont know who ajoin one of our back paddocks where the mares are at the moment. She was horrified to see four adults and two small children, in our paddock, surrounded by the mares and they seemed to be feeding them something. We dont feed carrots as I think they are dangerous, ponies easily choke on large pieces of carrot not to mention the fact that a/ they were trespassing, hadnt rung to ask permission and b/ some one could very easily been kicked and no doubt we would have been blamed. Some how city people dont seem to get it. To top it off she was asked what fly with green on it might be as it had bitten a friend, suggested a march fly, oh no couldnt have been that it wasnt March. Horrors.

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Michael said...

Even a Swede gets "march fly". what does people learn nowdays? / Ingrid