Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Day 4 stitch, walk this morning along the cliffs to the beach

The weather is warming up, paddocks are drying up, the sheep near the cliff track are in where the crop was cut for hay. It was a lovely morning walk, not hot yet and with a sea breeze. Young gulls gathered at the end of Depp's beach. we walked for nearly an hour but I am paying for it a bit now with an aching knee. I visited T (youngest daughter) yesterday and came home with a very sweet Belgium bantam rooster, very friendly little chap, Im a sucker for the odd baby. I have let out the hen with chickens in the chook yard and now there is a war going on between the mother hen and another of her sisters. I seem to have broody hens all over the place. I will have quite a motly crew of hens by the time I finish. I like pretty hens.I am still managing to keep up with my stitch a day, well it is only day 4!! I think I may cover my fabric several times over doing this particular challenge.

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Robin Mac said...

I have been having a lovely catchup on your blogs as this is the first time I have had a chance since we came home - and it is too wet to go out into the garden. I used to love chooks, but we have never had them in our suburban block.
Your stitch a day could get interesting as the year progresses. Hope the weather stays reasonable for you.