Friday, August 01, 2008

Old photos

Here is Millie's mother Tabby (Tabitha) aged 10 months, the same age as Millie is now and the group photo well it was taken in April 1968, and is from Left to right, my son Nick aged about 5 Myself looking terribly skinny holding Tabby then Sarah and our oldest Simon holding the cat, at the back my mother and in front my younger sister. How about the hair styles!
I was actually going through looking for photos to scan and use as texture etc and I found some quite interesting stuff, maybe more of those will come later.
Very cold today and more rain, so after shopping I spent most of the day inside as every time I thought I would go out it poured again.
I have finished the jacket I was knitting so I will try to take a photo of that tomorrow.


Doreen G said...

It's amazing how much Millie is like her mother---and what a great family photo.

hippopip said...

Dear Penny thankyou for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment,I hope that you get the hang of it. Computors are wonderful when you know what you are doing & they are behaving well, most of the time I am groping in the dark.Lovely `photos of your Mum and Millie and she looks just like her Mum at the same age doesnt she