Saturday, August 23, 2008

Driving towards Willunga

We spent most of the day in Adelaide, saw my mother and my sister and then went to the Waterhouse natural History exhibition at the Museum and two exhibitions that were on at the Art Gallery.
I was disappointed in the Waterhouse, not as exciting as it has been and I didnt like the winner at all, but that is my opinion.
I loved some bits of the aboriginal exhibition and the other which was of the misty artists (or so they were called), those from about 1888 to about 1950 was interesting but no great paintings.
Coming home I grabbed the camera and took these from the car, I love these hills the bare folds and in summer they are stunning but in a way it is unfortunate that suddenly people are planting trees on them and their beauty will soon be masked by them.
I need to take more before they have gone and at different times of the year, this is winter so they are green.
Done later than I normally do and in haste as John wants me to shut down the computer and come to bed!
Oh and we have just watched the most delightful film I found very cheaply in the supermarket, made in 1939 it is called Holiday and had Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in it, wonderful, funny and light and they dont make movies like that any more.

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