Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rivington Church yard, Lancashire 1999

Our property is named Rivington after the Rivington in Lancashire where John's great grand parents lived so in 1999 we went to have a look and I found these stones around the church yard and photographed them.
I have no idea what or where they came from presumably an earlier building but wether it was the church or some other building I dont know.
Any way I think they are lovely and are part of my search through photos to use at some time in my textile stuff.
We are still having showers, infact for the first time this year on my evening walk I almost lost a rubber boot in the mud.
Wendy came for lunch and we had a lovely time catching up, it seems so hard to find time to do anything.
John is still full of cold and snored last night keeping me awake. I just hope I dont get it.

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Guzzisue said...

definate inspiration material. may have to google to find out more :-)