Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walking late afternoon

There were two rosella's on the bird feeder but when I took the photo there was only one! I then walked down to the road and took a photo of the creek which is looking satisfactorily full and rushing along.
Walking up the road I called into the paddock where the mares and new foals were and found Sarah talking to one of the Welsh A mares Woranora In Vogue's foal by our own Rivington Vyvian, a young colt and his first foal, who we are very pleased with. The only trouble is that so far we have four foals and four colts.
The new Welsh B stallion Osory Alexander has so far had all colts, a few more mares to foal to him so I hope we get at least one filly.
As I came up the track from below I met Oscar smelling the winter daisy bush, I wonder if he could smell the rabbit I saw out there this morning. John has been on the war path with the gun as we have seen several rabbits and we certainly dont want them. I think Oscar is too much of a wuss to catch rabbits, although I have had in the past some cats who always brought in baby rabbits.
So that was a bit of my walk today, cold but at least a bit of sun out.

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