Saturday, August 30, 2008

Take it Further Challenge for August

I am only just getting this up for this month. I have been away, playing with other thingsetc but finally last night I found the right fabrics in my stash and went for it.
The theme was balance and so the first thing that came into my head was circles and a mandala using gum leaves. I love gum leaves in all their forms and in my walks around the farm pick up ones that I like the shape of.
As usual with my stuff it probably isnt exactly precise, but then nor am I and I rather like the hand made look, I dont quite know if this is completely finished, there are no beads on it! I probably could do a bit more embroidery but I really wanted the clean lines .
September is going to be an even busier month so I hope Sharon will choose something I can do easily!!

1 comment:

Doreen G said...

I like the mandala look Penny and I am hoping for nicer colours in September.