Monday, August 04, 2008

Japanese Shutter details

I have been going through photos looking for textile inspiration and on our trip around the world in 1999 I took these on the final leg of a fascinating journey.
Our friend Yoshiko who had interpreted for us when ever we were in Japan took us to a friend of hers house in Tsuyama, it was very old and the family had been Saki brewers. These were on the outside of the folded back shutters along the veranda of the house, wooden carvings and quite magnificent.
I am trying to scan a few more of these photos so I have them on the computer for use.
I just wish that I had had a digital camera on some of those trips.
I am not sure if they are all the right way up, some it was pretty obvious which was the correct way but some not so sure.
Monkeys and fish seemed to be important but one is a bit hard to make out what it represented.

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Robin Mac said...

Penny, they are lovely, and we are not going to know which way up they should be! I wish I knew more about altering my images in the computer, never seem to have enough hours just to sit down and fiddle on the computerto learn the programs - or maybe my subconscious is still saying I hate computers! Hope you are still getting rain. Cheers, Robin