Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Flinders Ranges

I am sneezing and feeling a bit stomach sore so dont think I am over this wretched virus yet.
So far I have refused to go to bed and have been making small people with tiny heads. I will show them one day.
The heads are so tiny it is difficult to sew them but boy they look great when finished, more of Jill's stuff.
Another view of the ranges, one of a tree in the park, did I show it before? sorry if I did not thinking very straight. Then a young roo who we got really close too, I guess in the park they get used to people wandering by.
The last was a sign on a barbecue area which I thought was rather fun.
Still damp and cold but at least yesterday I sat and stuffed dolls and watched my football team beat the opposition so they are in the final 6 at least I think, hope the 4.

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