Friday, August 22, 2008

Spiral Rope necklace

I have made several bracelets to this design but thought it might be nice as a necklace for summer. I seemed to go through an awful lot of beads and it took me ages to finish but really it was because I only did it on beading nights but it is finally finished and I love it.
Yesterday was a fun day, I went to Spotlight to see what they had in fake fur for tiny dolls hair, I hadnt realised how expensive it was so only got tiny bits and came home and had another look at what I had in my cupboard.
I am now trying to see if the white I found dyes with dyna flow, if it does whoopee.
I had a lunch date with friends, all women and a hilarious time was had by all. Even the one who lost her husband 2 months ago, I think she will be a merry widow but is still getting over the fact that he isnt around any more. One of the horrors those of us who have been married for a long time have to face. The trouble is we dont know when or how, as I said to John, the older we get, the worse it will be.
Off that subject.
I sailed home full of good food and probably more wine than was good for me, to change and go out to dinner at the Goolwa South Lakes golf club, very good food and the speeches not too long and at least for once I knew the people near me on the table, so a good day in which I enjoyed life and didnt get much constructive done.


Val Foster said...

This necklace is beautiful. Aren't you glad you finished it? I'd love to see this necklace on you, I'm sure it's dazzling.

katelnorth said...

It's lovely, I can see why you persevered!