Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oscar and some dolls

Oscar happened to be sitting on the chair while I was photographing these dolls.
The dolls could have come out better.
The small naked ones in front are two I am going to dress and play with, Jill Maas gave me the pattern for these and they are such fun to put scraps on, the one at the back is the first and not so good one but you get the idea.
Behind the others is my Grumpy Frump, called Lily, she strides out in all weathers occasionally calling into her favorite op shops before taking her singing lessons, she was once an opera singer but needs a bit of re tuning.
We have had another foal this morning, another colt, I am going up to have a look in a few minutes, after I have fed the chooks and dogs.
I have organised to have X rays of my spine, nothing wrong with my knees, so why do they ache? and some calcification in my hips but not enough to worry about at the moment, I hope.
I think I need at this stage to see why I am getting continuous back aches.

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Val Foster said...

Wow, you make really great dolls. Off and on I've wanted to try making a doll. But have never started one. I think I have too much going on in my art life to start on a doll, but these are wonderful. Great job!