Saturday, August 02, 2008

Birds and sea

We walked around from the opening of the Inman River today, the last photo shows that it is actually open, hasnt been for ages, but not a very big opening!
The first is of a pond near the river with a duck actually two ducks in it, then the second photo shows the two hooded plover that nest on the beach near where we saw them. These must be so used to people I could get really close to them, usually when I see them on Kangaroo Island they fly off and you havent a hope of getting a photo like this one.
There were occasional breaks in the sea this morning and the third photo was trying to get them with Wright Island and the Bluff in the background, apart from that remarkably calm and flat and relatively warm with the sun out.
John is not well, I hope only a cold but may mean we dont go to see the Waterhouse Prize tomorrow night. Bother.

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