Thursday, August 07, 2008

Small dolls

I still havent quite finished these but at least now they have some hair on.
I dont really call these proper dolls but they do sell quite well at markets.
I am off to make some proper dolls over the week end so may not be back before Wednesday night or Thursday morning.
I have finished most of the cooking that I am taking with me, and leaving some for John so he can just defrost and eat.
He is still full of cold but not as bad as he was. I hope he keeps getting better and not worse while I am away.
Still lots of lovely rain but the prognosis for the Lower Murray and Lakes area is not good and people are getting angry about the Federal Governments lack of action. You over hear people speaking in the streets of the town now.

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katelnorth said...

they may not be "proper" dolls, but it's no wonder they sell well - they are lovely...