Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1999 photos

I am still on some of the photos I took in 1999. the first is in the Duloe Church in Cornwall when John was searching out his mothers side of the family, all I have written down that that is where I took the photo so really must research who or what this is.
The second is in Lincoln, either part of the Cathedral wall or the castle wall, but I love the window and the wonderful color of the bricks.
When I look back on that trip it was a whirlwind 10 days from arrival to finish and my diary complains of a/ the state of my bowels!! and b/ that I was so tired.
We spent a few days with friends in Devon having flown across the arctic to London from San Francisco via Frankfurt, got a hire car and drove to Devon getting lost on the way, we then virtually circumnavigated Britain in about 6 days, total madness.
I would love to spend real time wandering around the UK but I think it will not be possible.
today was very wet and with strong squalls coming in at regular intervals.
John is still not well. I have made soup, bread, and a large lasagna and 3 small ones ready for the week end. I have searched out supplies for the dolls I am to make and thrown stuff all over my workroom floor and had to try and tidy it up. Raced into Victor to get the mail and a few odds and ends and home again.
Now it is time to stop.

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Guzzisue said...

I do like lincoln, the bike shop we use is there so whenever it needs servicing, we have an excuse to visit and shop, Lovely tea shop ( as in sells tea) on steep hill, brilliant sweet shop much further down, at Christmas they have a large market near the cathedral and the castle.