Sunday, August 31, 2008

A geological trip to Second Valley

Yesterday was not the best day to go exploring the geology of Second Valley which is about half an hour from us.
The museum had in association with the Waterhouse Club, which we are members of, organised a trip down there with the Museum curator Dr Suzanne Miller and a couple of other museum staff to look at both the geology and the biological stuff that should have been available but unfortunately the weather was not at all kind.
At least rocks stay put. Although even getting to the interesting ones was a bit frought with large seas over the path around the corner.
This shows how the cliff was folded and inclined and various other terms I cant remember. I dont think I will go into how old or how but it shows phyllite quartzite and marble . Just lety us say it is spectacular and very easy to get to and the whole area is quite lovely.
The first photo is of the little swimming beach and looking roughly towards Adelaide and the third I took of the sea to show how rough it was by the little jetty.
We had a lovely day, a great lunch and dinner with us diving home in between to change and feed the animals.


MixPix said...

Gorgeous rock photos - I've been thinking of doing something based on rocks for some time - perhaps for the BJP this year. Thanks for sharing

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What wonderful rock photos. Our country is an amazing place with so much variety and the unexpected. Up near Sydney I saw rocks near the beach that were perfectly shaped like hexagonal tiles.