Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's day 2008

A very Happy and productive New Year to all who read my blog.
This morning after such a hot night and a long one, we decided on a walk on a beach so we walked east from Victor towards Pt Elliott. There was a damp foggy haze but still in the 20's.
Jill and John are watching the Cockle train go along under the houses above the sand hills and here is a not very good shot of the train itself. Usually it is a steam train but not when fire bans are on.
We had a good long walk and then home for more food!.
I will have to stop eating and drinking as I have put on far too much weight.
Last night was lovely, apart from a small spat with John, the weather was warm and lovely, a great night to sit out under the vines and eat really good food and wine with good friends.
The sparklers came out at midnight and the boom of the fireworks on the Victor causeway could be heard for 10 minutes. I have to say we didnt move along to the other side of the house to see if we could see them.
I am about to have another invasion of family so things are getting a bit more hectic, I was hoping for some peace and quiet but it will be lovely to see the Melbourne lot.

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