Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day in Victor Harbor

Not the best photos but these are of our Mayor Mary Lou Corcoran and the first is with her son who wanted a bit of the action too, then our Australia Day citizen of the year Bert Puxley and the third of our young citizen of the year Kate McKenzie.
A great early morning, cool thank goodness and with a quite large crowd having a breakfast of sausages and the town band playing its best. The background for all this is our Horse Tram Barn which my husband was instrumental in getting done when he was Mayor.
We went for a coffee afterwards and then home to feed the ponies as well as the chooks as Sarah and the girls are off to a horse show, finally after months of no shows and of course it is the big one, Champion of Champions so we can only hope they do well.
I have done nothing much for the rest of the say as I was so tired, someone said a week of painting should be fun, I found it a lot of hard work.
We are out to dinner tonight with a recipient of todays Australia Day honors so that will be great, old friends and a very worthy person to get his AO.


Doreen G said...

Goodness me Penny I thought that for one moment there you were going to tell us you got a gong.

Penny said...

Not for me! John got one a couple of years ago though.