Saturday, January 19, 2008

Front cover of my Tome and bantam chicks

I scanned the front cover of my Tome which is Patti Culea's fabric book of various methods of textile stuff but I think I will have to take photos as it hasnt come out at all well.
I am cheating on a few pages as we are supposed to do one a month but as I have already done some I am using it as an incentive to get them all done.
Today we lost another little welsh mountain mare, Rivington Delight was found dead by the dam with her 4 month old colt foal not very happy. As the dam is at the top of the swamp we are pretty sure this was snake bite as well.
With a heap of small white mares you dont always count to see they are all there and the dam was not in full view.
I cant believe this has happened, we never lose mares unless they are very old and then we put them down. Two and the superstitious bit of me says who will be the 3rd.
I have heard tell that there are a lot of snakes around and that other people have lost cows and horses.
The Japanese bantam hen and her chicks is a bit of light entertainment, they make me smile.


raggy said...

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phaelun said...

hi. nice site. so, you're into chickens :) i like cats :P i like how you are able to infuse beauty in your pictures.
stay cool


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mare. cute chooks! BTW I liked you photos of the beach and water. v. nice!