Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What happened today

The first photo tells it all, a large lump of wood which has ruptured my petrol tank. I was going to Adelaide to see my mother with Tabby and her girls and as I came along their track I must have just caught the edge of this very old tree branch and I heard a thump but didnt see a log in my way, when I stopped there was petrol gushing every where. A hole about the size of a fist had been punched in to the tank. A frustrating morning not going any where.
I did however take the second photo of grand daughter Celina with her pony, an old pony, she was Tab's brilliant harness horse many moons ago.
The third photo is of my Cob filly, by Pennybank Domain (imp) and out of my mare Rivington Berry, the foal has not got a name yet but is really sweet.
I hope tomorrow is better and we may have a car.

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