Monday, January 07, 2008

Take it Further Challenge

This year Sharon of in a minute ago blog has set us a challenge to Take it Further and today I went shopping for the colours that were suggested, mine didnt quite relate to the ones suggested, but every printer is different and now mine are up some look right and some dont, the dmc colours I chose were333, 966, 210 3362, and 677 they were colours I felt happy to work with and were in the range I think.
While I was in my local craft shop the owner after looking at the threads I had chosen suggested that I take a fat 1/4 of the fabric shown with them as they matched so well, so I am now under pressure to get some thoughts together about my fabric book and how I am going to work it out.
Some how I think that my theme may be hearts, as the people I admire are not getting younger (my 95 year old mother, and several 81 year old friends, my now 70 year old husband for a start) and as I like hearts perhaps this is a good way to go.
At least I have made the first step now to find time to put it into practice.
Much cooler today, although warming up at the end of the week. I saw my mother today, she was a bit grumpy because I havent seen her very much but I dont think she realises that a 3 to 4 hour round trip plus two hours talking to her is tiring.


Jane said...

wuynVery pretty combination for the start of your project!

Jane said...

For whatever reason, probably my ineptitude, part of the word verification ( wuyn) came over in my post. My apologies!