Thursday, January 17, 2008

Evening walk

It was cooler today and as it had been pretty messy and I had not eaten the right food I thought I had better have an evening walk. Photos taken around the farm, looking dry and dusty as it will in summer, not as bad as last year but still not good, no rain for nearly a month.
the yearling fillies stood looking at me and asking for food, but they have enough in their paddock. A part Welsh, two Section B welsh and a Welsh A.
I havent walked out here for ages as the cows have been in these paddocks and the flies have been awful, the cows will chase after me and nearly 400 odd are a bit intimidating.
We have a borrowed car, I dont like the way it drives but I suppose I will have to get used to it. I dont know when ours will come back, sometime next week I think.

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Doreen G said...

Penny what beautiful ponies---
I can just see you running around the paddocks with 400 cows after you like something out of the Benny Hill show.