Thursday, January 03, 2008

Marguerite and Millie and some play

I have finally had a day more or less to myself, I hid and read in bed until the family had gone to Adelaide, and then I slowly did a few things.
The first photo is of my very dear daughter in law Marguerite at dinner last night holding Millie who was having a reasonable night considering she had just had her first injections. This afternoon I crept into my workroom and played with the embellisher, what a fun thing to do, I have had a few figure ideas playing in the back of my mind and this one needs some embroidery but at least I am doing something. So this is the second photo.
I bought some sticky backed felt flowers yesterday in Spotlight and it made a fun head which didnt distort too much.
We have had some exciting news today which may mean an overseas trip in April but until it is finalised I am not saying any more.
I think I may have let myself in for a few more things this year, I am signed up for Sharon's Take it Further Challenge, and this months looks a bit hard to get my head around, then there is Patti Culea's new challenge to get a tome page a month done, I have already done some but a few more pages will be fun to do. Then of course there is my Module 5 Playways on the net to complete.
A week of painting this month and a few other things look like a full and exciting year.

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Doreen G said...

What a beautiful photo of Millie and her Mum -and boy are you going to be busy this year.