Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kings Beach walk

We were up early yesterday morning and walked before it got too hot and sticky. this has to be my favorite walk and I have dozens of photos in a book taken at different times of the year. to get to it you walk along the cliff top and look down on a small sandy beach with what is thought to be an aboriginal fish trap at one end. That is the third photo and the last one is of the Bluff from the other side.
It always clears my head and makes me feel so good after I have been there and to come home yesterday to the news of another pony death was a bit devastating.
We went to the pictures last night, I had been wanting to see Death At a Funeral but was really disappointed in it, over acted, poor story line and not awfully funny.
Today we had some drizzle this morning and it wasnt much but enough for me to not put on the hoses. I also had to do the pony feeds, havent done them for ages.
It is much cooler so John has been blowing all the leaves away outside and I have been painting tyvek, vliesofix and placing scraps on stuff to make a box. Nothing to show for it yet as nothing is finished.
As I do a week of watercolour painting lessons starting tomorrow I have been getting together what gear I have that I need. I was going to get more in Adelaide when I was supposed to go but now I hope there is stuff at the gallery to buy. I am a bit short on paper.

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Gail P said...

My gosh, your area looks so much like the Monterey Peninsula. I'm in great need of a visit to Carmel, your pics are the next best thing! Sorry to hear about another loss. Your work keeps me inspired!!