Thursday, January 10, 2008

R I P Rivington Folkmusic

We had to have this little mare put down early this morning, We think the problem was snake bite but cant be 100% sure.
Now a 5 year old carrying her first foal she was the nicest sweetest little mare you could find.
All so quick, at her morning feed ok, by 5 pm a very sick pony and nothing our vet could do and too far gone to make it to Adelaide to the vet clinic.
We think it was a brown snake as one had been seen around and all the symptoms sounded right.
She was right next to Sarah's house but it was a very hot day and how do you see a brown snake, they are almost invisible.
We did all we could but by midnight it was obvious that she was in dire straits and not going to make it so a decision was made.
Rest in Peace little girl, buried next to her father our much loved and top sire Nattai Vychan.
We lose so few but when we do its gut wrenching.


coral-seas said...

Really sad to read this post, what a beautiful pony!

It is always awful to loose a friend, especially when they are young and the lose is sudden.

Thinking of you

DeLi said...

aww! am sad to read that. the photos are so tender. with such touching dedication, your pony im sure knew and felt the love

Doreen G said...

So sorry Penny

Annie said...

A hard loss for you, Penny, and I am so sorry. These friends are such a part of our lives.