Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Almost Kantha style

I finished this a couple of days ago, It would have been good if I could have squared it up. My interpretation in embroidery of the part of Kangaroo island we were staying.
Today we took Jill up to the plane, a tale of John getting lost while trying to get to the departure part of the airport, not getting his parking ticket to get out, only the receipt and a few other missed turnings. Poor John he was most embarrased.
Simon and Margeurite and the children arrived last night and tonight we have Tabby and her children and her John over for a barbeque as her John leaves for the territory in the morning.
I am tired but the salads are done, much cooler too tonight with quite a breeze so we may have to come inside, or wear more clothes.
I think tomorrow I have to myself for a while.

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