Saturday, January 12, 2008

TIF Challenge and this mornings walk

My TIF Challenge for this month is I think finished. The scan hasnt come up all that well but does give an idea of what it looks like. This is the front of a page, wether it is the front cover I wont know until I get them all done and this has to have a back which will be next months challenge.
I started with the DMC threads and then found the background fabric to go with it and then the other bits of fabric, my theme was hearts because they will remind me of those elderly relatives of mine still alive and those not and some friends who are very dear to me.
I did several sketches of what I wanted to do, but it kept changing as I went along.
The size is about 7 inches by 7.75 inches, small enough to handle and not overpowering.
I have a lot of problems getting away from squares and rectangles but tried to off set these using corners etc.
The heart was cut out of a piece of left over fabric that began life on the embellisher then had a lot of layers added and finally some free motion embroidery done on the machine.
I picked up the stamp in Spotlight and wanted to use it but my stamp pad was not very good so I ended up hand going over the top with a fabric pen.
The whole was fused down not properly stitched as you would a quilt, I am not good at that.
I loved doing the embroidery and beading, and it taught me a lot.
This morning we went into Victor early and walked across the causeway to Granite Island and back. A magic morning, not too hot, very little wind and as clear as clear so I took photos as I went.
I feel better about last nights bottle of wine and gourmet pizza now.


Purple Missus said...

I really like this one. You have used all the colours in the scheme plus some extras which has really lifted it, a very good idea.
I like the sentiment behind it too.
I hope you make it into a book, it will look fabulous at the end of the year with all the challenges in it.

Doreen G said...

Beautiful Penny--will you do mine now please?

Angelcat said...

Your finished piece is wonderful

appleseed said...

Great job!
Very nicely worked!

Jacqui said...

Beautiful sentiment and gorgeous page.

Lise said...

Beautiful work Penny, and I envy you the climate!
Regards from a cold and snowy Oslo,