Sunday, January 06, 2008


I added a little house in the woods to the embellished bit of fabric I found under a heap of stuff on my work table today.
Then I had to take a photo of my latest Japanese Bantam chicks and as I had moved the three young male Japanese Bantams into a coop I thought they needed a photo too.
It has cooled down considerably today, just as well as all the Christmas decorations are now down and put away. that was an effort in scrambling up to high cupboards, and I washed 5 sets of sheets and pillowslips as well as towels now the family has gone. All in all a pretty busy day.
I am trying to sort out how to get together some of the embellished bits I have done and mount them or back them or something for this wretched exhibition I have said I will do stuff for. I think the brain is not working well at the moment.
Tomorrow I go to Adelaide, of course the weather man says it will be hotter than today, it should have been cooler but I will survive .
I do feel much better that the house is more or less in order and i can actually find things in the frig.

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