Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Transferring using bondaweb

Maggie Grey had a bit on her blog about transferring images using an inkjet printer and bondaweb, So in between vacuuming I had a play with it and although the first one somehow transferred a lot of water splodges too I rather like the idea. I so I will play with it further.
Also in the mail today came this gorgeous red cardinal from Kate in the U.K. I think he will become part of a page for a fabric book.
It has got hot again and very windy so not a good day, I have been out side only to check hoses and put the washing on the line.
At least the house is dusted and vacuumed so I dont have to worry about that for a while and the bed is changed.
Tomorrow we go to Adelaide to see my mother, the we is Tabby and her daughters so Mummy is in for a surprise. Her latest great granddaughter and two of her older ones.

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