Friday, January 11, 2008

Out to an early dinner

We went in for the pre viewing of the Rotary Art show this evening and didnt stay for the opening, I wasnt allowed to buy anything so we had a good look and I will look again next week there were a few lovely paintings and my pick were the ones done by my some time teacher Lorraine Lewitzka who won two prizes, she is the most magical watercolour painter.
We then went around to the Bay and had Indian, well John had a curry and I had a smoked salmon pizza at the Beach hut cafe at Encounter Bay, they make the best pizza and their Indian isnt bad either. So after the Art Show and the dinner we floated home.
I had had a pretty mediocre day up until then, with the change in the weather playing merry hell with my knees and other joints. I hate taking pain killers but I needed several to quell the angry beast in my knees.
Any way the photos such as they are are the view from our table in the cafe (dont you love the whale!) and then one as we walked along the bike track, at that point my camera seized up but I have walked tonight which sort of helped with what I had eaten and drunk.

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