Saturday, July 22, 2006

Willunga Cafe

This morning John had an opening of a conservation centre to go to in Willunga so I went with him and headed over to the Farmers Market (sketch on my boots and sketchbook blog) and bought some succulents and a rabbit pie for lunch and then wandered up the main street taking photos and lookng in shops. I bought a quite funky loking little man made of driftwood who is hanging in the hall, I love the different things that people come up with. Talked to a man who makes leadlight and slumped glass ware and saw this funny little cafe, I presume it was at one stage a chapel from the door and window treatment (then again it could have been an expensive make over).
Willunga is a "historic" town and there was, still is a slate quarry just behind it so most of the old cottages still have slate rooves (or is it roofs?) and slate slabs on the floor, and they were built from local stone, lovely to look at but cold in winter and they can get frosts.


Lin said...

This is LOVELY, PEnny! And what an interesting day you've had! I'd love to see this is watercolor with stained glass -- what a unique cafe!

Teri C said...

What a fun sketch Penny!! I agree with Lin-a watercolor would be even more fun!

Linda said...

This is a cute cafe, indeed! Great sketch!