Monday, July 10, 2006

Finished mini Quilt

I have finally finished this little quilt for the decorative arts festival. I was really rather pleased with the way it has turned out. All hand done.
I have had a day at painting class today, only two in the class so we had a lovely day, rather social as well which is just what I needed after the pretty ordinary week I have had.
I have worked out that my left non seeing eye is making me not do straight lines so I am about to rectify that now I know. This class was called brush strokes and it was very interesting, using rough paper and fairly large round brushes used on the side to show up the whites when dooing water and using just a few strokes for trees.
I slipped over on a cow pat tonight while feeding the Cob stallion so am feeling a mite battered, and my jeans are certainly not wearable tomorrow!
Another class tomorrow, wonderful.

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Teri C said...

Penny, I just love this. It's so colorful and yet so simple!