Friday, July 14, 2006


I havent time for anything but a photo today. This is the Back Valley Road and my part kelpie rescue dog Jake. Jake is my very dear friend, he talks to me when I come out in the morning, he steals people's food if he can find it but that is probably because he had a hard life on the streets before he came to me and dog heaven.
He is very offronted if he cant come with me in the Toyota to do the feeds in the morning, but cant and wont get on the tray at the back, has to sit infront with me.
He would like to be a house dog but all dogs of his size on this farm have a very roomy cage with a kennel in it for night but during the day, unless we are out he has the run of the place. At the moment while it is cold and wet the favorite place is on an old sleeping bag on a chair by the door to the wood box.
Luckily he has shown no interest in chasing cows ponies or sheep. He does love trucks tho and in another life he may have been a truckies dog.


The Lone Beader said...

Dogs LOVE trucks. LOL!!

Please stop by my blog. I'm looking for participants in my 'Sheepdog of the Day' posts:)

The Lone Beader said...

Actually, if Jake is part Kelpie, then he is part sheepdog. A sheepdog is any domestic dog whose original purpose was to herd sheep:)