Thursday, July 20, 2006


This is my attempt at drawing my 9 year old grand daughter Celina, It doesnt look much like her and I had awful trouble with her eyes and body, so I have cut most of that out of the drawing!
She has been staying for a few days and tonight her elder sister Gaby arrived, Gaby is 14 and gorgeous.
I havent been sleeping well so am very tired but had a lovely visit from a friend who has been doing all sorts of lovely stuff with doll bodies and paint with another group, absolutely terrific. I must get out of this rather depressed state and start doing things, but at the moment the girls will be taking up all my time and then my mother.
I had a look at the residential care centre she will ( so long as we can get her there) be going into on Tuesday and it is all new and looks very nice but who knows. I am dreading the whole thing but she just cant look after herself any more satisfactorily.
Sorry this is a rather depressed post, hope for joy and time to paint at the end of next week.

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Teri C said...

penny, she looks so sweet! What a fun and loving sketch.