Sunday, July 16, 2006

Port Adelaide sketchbook page

It has been freezing cold and raining all day so I spent most of the day baking bread, making soup, doing some sewing for my Playways Module and updating some of my sketchbook pages.
I am afraid that as these were done in pencil and not my usual ink they dont show up all that well even after I have played with them in adobe photoshop. The yatch cuddling up to the building was actually coming through the road bridge, the opening of one side is down at the bottom. The building is one of the lovely old buildings around the docks, I think it would have had something to do with grain, or flour or the mill that was nearer to where I was.
We had a lovely dinner out with friends last night, one of whom was having a Birthday, of course it was probably the furthest restaurant we could have gone to and coming home was to say the least interesting with the wind and rain.
I am slipping and sliding around in the paddocks when I go to feed the ponies too, so far I havent hit a fence!


Lin said...

LOVELY, Penny!! I like the reflections you've done too!! It's amazing to me to realize you're in the throes of winter, when our temperatures are close to 100F!!!

Teri C said...

I love these sketches Penny! Like Liin said, hard to think winter when I see something from you.

Donn said...

I like these, Penny. Your pencil sketches are very good.
I'm partial to boats and seascapes anyway.