Friday, July 07, 2006


This is the lovely ATC that I was went from Jo Boyle of New Zealand in the playways swap. I think it is fantastic and love the story behind the bit of copper on it. It came from Namibia, from a mining museum and I feel very priviledged to have it.
I am going through a dreadful day as my black pug bitch disapeared yesterday from the garden and no sign of her is to be found. I wish I had found a body, at least I would know. Being on a fam makes it very difficult to know where to look and there are so many nasty things that could have happened to her. I didnt sleep last night and have felt sick all day worrying. I have looked and looked and called and called. I didnt hear any one come so I dont think she has been stolen but the gate was open and opened inwards which is rather odd.
The old male dog is beside himself that she isnt here too.
I am having trouble settling to anything.


Jana Bouc said...

Penny I hope that you'll find your little dog. I know what you're going through and it's just terrible. I've never had to deal with the perils of rural life, but have had pets disappear in the city where there are many urban threats like fast moving cars. I looked at your pictures on both your blogs and saw the one of the pugs from a few days ago. Your drawings are all so charming. It was really nice getting to see images from such a different life as mine here in the San Francisco area. My thoughts are with you tonight. Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog so that I'd have the chance to visit yours!

Leanne Hurren said...

Penny, I'm so sorry your dog is missing. I have everything crossed for you that you will find her. i have 2 cats that are like my babies so I understand how upsetting it must be. Keep hopeful.

ginger said...

OH this is an awful feeling...I took an old poodle from a lady who was my patient at a dental office....this was a few years ago...the dogs name was "Ginger" so the owner "Annie" thought she should come and live with me when Annie had to go to live in a nursing home...well the dog was old then and had no idea how to live in a bustling family ours was then...and one sunday while I was at church the boys let her out to go potty and she just left ...I was so you ...the worry that they are suffering...well nearly 6 weeks later a neighbor way up the road brought this bag of bones ...she had weighed 16 pounds just before she ran away and weighed 8 pounds when I took her to be checked on the day she was found ...she had no hair and had been sprayed by a skunk but was otherwise alive...she was so thin and we could not believe she had survived the predators that live out in our country-side ...she lived about 5 more years with me and NEVER even looked like she wanted to leave the property again...I hope you have a good outcome and your sweet dog is found...Ginger

Linda said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about your little dog! I hope she returns, with a big grin on her little face! Please keep us up on how it goes.

Penny said...

Thank you to you all who have felt concern with me over Maggies disapearance, but I am very much afraid that she will not come home, just a feeling in my bones.