Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mouth of the Inman River

Today John and I went to the opening of the Inman River cycle Bridge in Victor. The day started with breakfast, then a 4 km wlak along the dual use cycle walking track to the Inman. I didnt actually take a photo of the bridge itself, looks much like any other bridge but I loved this view from it.Looking across to Granite Island.
We had a lovely day, saw a whale in the distance near the Bluff, talked to friends, walked back again so I did at least 9 probably 10 km today (and I feel a bit stiff and sore).
Tomorrow we go to Adelaide for 3 days and this is my D day, getting my mother into residential care. I am not looking foreward to it. I will not be back until Wednesday night. Think of me!

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